The paste-ups shown here appeared in the RxSkulls 10 year show in Portland and then were pasted-up around the world

AD Coffee
AD Embalming Fluid
AD Funeral Home
AD Art Not Ads Poster
AD Carbolic Soap
AD cid Poster
AD Grillz
AD Ice Cream Poster
AD Laxative
AD Rat Poison
AD TinToyTeef
AD Toof Cleaning Powder
AD WindUpTeefers
Apothecary Bottles
Clip Art 2-1
Clip Art 3-1
Clip Art
Empty Faces
Fragile Stickers
Fun House Skulls
Keys and Poison
Meta Cut
Meta Peel
Mrs Skull
OG Skulls
Poison and Circles
Poster original Blocks
Public Service Wash Your Skulls
Sibling Rivalry Knifes
Sibling Rivalry Lame
Sibling Rivalry Poison
Sibling Rivalry Xmas
Sibling Rivlary Stencils
Skull Apothecary Bottles
Teeth Jar
Teeth stuff