Paint The Town Podcast: 93 RxSkulls 2020

RxSkulls is a street artist and screen printer from Portland, Oregon. Topics: Dentist Stories, Screen printing kits, Street art is white noise, Finding your medium, The skull is a real man, Stickers, benefits of joining PTTP patreon, Protests in Portland, Wall of Moms, Traveling for street art, Carving wood Blocks, Studio Tour.

Black Bulb Podcast: 54 RX SKULLS: After the show 2019

RxSkulls sits down with Alex to debrief the process of creating a solo show, and the process Alex took in creating a documentary about RX’s journey.

The Story of RxSkulls Solo Show 2019

Street artist, RxSkulls, puts 10 years into a solo art show in his hometown, Portland, Oregon. See his unique approach, decisions, and twists that are accounted for in his unique style.

BBP #41 – Rx Skulls: Coast to Coast 2018

When initially putting up street art, he had no name, but wanted to be a part of the community when he discovered people were on Flickr. Diagnosed with a brain tumor, having a family history involved with cancer, his fascination with morbidity, and hating the way prescription drugs made him feel, his name was created.

RxSkulls Street Art At South Bank, London 2018

One minute video showing Portland artist Rx Skulls working in London.

RxSkulls Street Art in Brick Lane, London 2018

Great to hang out with the PDX crew in London for a few days making mini documentaries. Here we wanted the style to have movement and not require dialogue.

RxSkulls Street Art At South Bank, London 2017

Street Artist RxSkulls painting in London.

RX Skulls 2017

Art by @rxskulls
Video by Jon Christopherson
Motion graphics by Jonathan Roulston
Music by Harrison Barrett

ART IN MY MOUTH 2 opening night – Norwich 2014 with RxSkulls

Opening night of ART IN MY MOUTH 2 hosted by @mooseyart at the Stew Gallery in Norwich.