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RxSkulls: Coast to Coast: Black Bulb Podcast

Black Bulb Blurb:

When initially putting up street art, he had no name, but wanted to be a part of the community when he discovered people were on Flickr. Diagnosed with a brain tumor, having a family history involved with cancer, his fascination with morbidity, and hating the way prescription drugs made him feel, his name was created. Rx Skulls is that name.

Rx Skulls (https://www.instagram.com/rxskulls/) joins Black Bulb Podcast this week to discuss his art and aspects of his life. His art can be traced back to a photograph he took of a skull in England over ten years ago. Through a rather laborious and intensive process, he still carves his art by hand using a lino block before transferring it to a digital medium. Tune in to hear the rest of his story!


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